Image of sidewalk ad that shows distinctive Etsy logo that uses 4 different shapes (one for each letter). The distinctive shapes are repeated to make frames and filled with photos of items that can be found on Etsy.
Image of a smiley face cookie coming out of a bakery bag that has the a sticker on it that says Tag's bakery.
Image of storefront window that shows theater logo and movie quotes and snacks. It is mostly black and white, but the snacks make bright pops of color. The door says The Wilmette Theatre and points down the street.
Image of an enamel pin that reads always anxious club on a card with a little ball of worry and it says it's okay to wear your anxiety on your sleeve.
Bookstore sign on a brick wall that reads SAC for Shop Around the Corner.
Image of a phone with an Instagram post of a doughy cinnamon rolls ready to be baked.