Tag's Bakery

Operating since 1937, this beloved local bakery needed a touch of vintage charm infused into its branding. Drawing inspiration from the iconic pink bakery box and Tag's signature smiley face cookie, I wanted to capture the bakery's rich history and the joy it brings to our community.
Completed Deliverables:
• logo design
• hi-fi responsive website prototype in Figma
• product design
• product photography
• font and color selection
Image of a hand holding up a pink card for Tag's Bakery. It's stamped with 3 smiley faces and it says "with 5 purchases of $10 or more you receive a free smiley face cookie."Image of a bunch of buttons in a pile with pink background and red details. One has the Tag's Bakery logo and the other has smiley face with a bite out of it.
Image of a phone displaying the landing page of a mobile website for Tag's Bakery.Image of an Instagram story that shows a donut half eaten and a gif with the phrase "shop small snack local, Tag's Bakery".Image of a Tag's Bakery Instagram post of colorful cookies spilling out of a pink bakery bag.
Image of a person putting on a white apron with giant red and pink sprinkles. The middle shows the Tag's Bakery logo.Image of the front of the store, the door shows the Tag's bakery logo and hours. The window shows doodles of a croissant, coffee cup, and half donut that looks like smiles. Below the doodles it says "baking smiles since 1937".
Image of Tag's Bakery website pages featuring  beautiful bakes goods, fun illustrations, and new branding.
Tools Used:
A pink and red icon that reads Ai for Adobe Illustrator inside a square.A pink icon that is a series of squares making up an F for Figma.A pink and red icon that reads Ps for Adobe Photoshop inside a square.