Wilmette Theatre

As a movie lover and someone passionate about working with small businesses, rebranding my favorite movie theater presented an exciting opportunity. Using the glow of a movie projector as inspiration, I wanted to play on light and shadow to tell the story of this local treasure.
Completed Deliverables:
• logo design
• font and color selection
• hi-fi social media prototype in Figma
• custom social media graphics
• product design
Image of two people in black tees. One facing forward has The Wilmette Theatre logo on it. The other is facing away and the back of the tee says "there's no place like..."Image of two movie tickets. Both halves list the movie title, theater number, date, time, and price. The half customers keep is black and has the W logo on it.
image of a movie poster marquee that says "now showing" and has the w logo in place of the wImage of bright yellow popcorn bucket that says popcorn with a long shadow and realistic images of popcorn pieces on the bucket.
Image of two bright red cups with bubbly fizz rising from the bottom to the top.Image of three tees to be worn by theater staff. The front shows The Wilmette Theatre logo est. 1913. When staff turn to make popcorn or drinks the back features famous movie quotes about places like "Is this heaven? No it's..." and "We'll always have..." the end is left ambiguous to suggest the theater itself.
Image of phone screen with Instagram feed for theater showing colorful posts.Animation of swiping on an Instagram post that lets people vote for classic movies that will showed at the theater.Instagram story for the theater that says "Don't forget the snacks" which shows brightly colored treats like popcorn and licorice.