I set myself the challenge of rebranding Etsy, which holds a special place in my heart as a shop owner. My objective was to capture what makes Etsy truly special—a platform helping connect small sellers and individuals seeking unique, handmade items.
Completed Deliverables:
• logo design
• high fidelity app prototype built in Figma
• gif animation
• hand-drawn illustrations
• font and color selection
Animation of two people exchanging a heart. The heart then morphs into the Etsy logo created for this project.Image of 2 bright orange Etsy gift card prototypes featuring the Etsy logo created and that becomes a container for presents, balloons, etc.
An image of multiple phone screens featuring a colorful app prototype for shopping on Etsy.
Image of Etsy gift card prototypes for the holidays like Eid, Christmas, and Hanukkah. Image of orange packing tape on a box that says "Etsy offsets 100% of carbon emissions of all shipping and packaging".
magazine spread showing an Etsy wild posting where the letters are filled with raw materials like yarn, paint, metal, and the other postings are image of gifts, jewelry, and craft supplies you can purchase on Etsy.
Photo of two boxes stacked on top of each other. Both have an orange sticker sealing them. One reads "a special gift just for you" and the other shows the etsy shapes with no text. Each shape looks like a gift.Photo of a colorful printed infographic that says Etsy 2023 "trend report". The page shows lots of graphics discussing Etsy's audience statistics.
Tools Used:
A pink and red icon that reads Ae for Adobe After Effects inside a square.A pink icon that is a series of squares making up an F for Figma.A pink and red icon that reads Ae for Adobe After Effects inside a square.A pink and red icon that reads Ps for Adobe Photoshop inside a square.