Always Anxious Club

Some may wonder why a club for anxiety, but the truth is, anxiety can be incredibly isolating. I wanted to create a club where membership is open to anyone living with anxiety, who cares about someone with anxiety, or is just an empathetic human. Always Anxious Club serves as a community where we can support each other as we navigate the complexities of life with anxiety.
Completed Deliverables:
• hand-drawn illustrations
• print layout design
• product design
• artwork mockups
Stack of mini zines showing the cover which is called meet anxiety.Person wearing a white t-shirt that says always anxious club with a little ball of stress doodle looking nervously out of a pocket.
A mini zine unfolded showing the back page, which is a coloring page for those with anxiety to do when feeling nervous. Has some positive phrases and activities to do.
Image of computer with a set of colorful stickers featuring small victories like "went for a walk" and "found some peace of mind".Image of the front of a mug with a scribbled ball of anxiety holding a mug and it reada "anxie-TEA noun: a soothing cup of warm tea to help calm your worries" and next to it is a mug on it's side showing a sunny scribbled ball of anxiety at the bottom of the cup.