The Chamber of Secrets

I promise this is not Tom Riddle's Chamber of Secrets, just a peek at my creative process. It may seem a bit haphazard, but I like to try plenty of iterations before refining my strongest ideas.
Image of an Illustrator file that shows over 100 orange E iterations created for an Etsy logo.
I crafted a lot of Es while working on a new logo for Etsy. Eventually, I decided on a graphic container for the word 'Etsy.' The combination of these four shapes is not only memorable but also versatile, symbolizing the diverse range of shops and items found on Etsy.
Image of and Illustrator showing a bunch of  popcorn bucket iterations.
This is a study of just some of my popcorn bucket designs for the Wilmette Theatre. My goal was to mimic the new projector logo, by incorporating layered, low-opacity white shapes to make playful concession stand graphics. In the end, I found the hyper-realistic style to be the right fit for this project.